Artist Statement In both my personal life and artistic process, I strive to find a balance between construct and intuition. The prints, paintings and sculptural pieces focus on expressive mark making, color and form. My intent is to engage the viewer with the materials, as well as with the visual aesthetics. A reoccurring theme in my work is the quest for order and harmony. The lines, marks, and fibers are a metaphor for the pathways in life; our focus and direction is ever changing. As a result, my work investigates my environment, personal experiences, and objectives, and traces my memories in life. In my journey to find order out of disorder I have been working with grid formats which evoke both structure and fragility. In creating these relationships of various materials and formats, one becomes aware of the individual variations that will heighten our own consciousness of the fragility and peerless characteristics that exist within a space. This turns a basic environment into a labyrinth of potential memories that though we may not understand, we are mindfully engaged in the experience. Biography Dayna Talbot was born near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1954. She has studied at The DeCordova Museum School, Lesley College and Plymouth State University. Dayna received a BFA with distinction from Massachusetts College of Art and her MFA from Lesley University College of Art and Design. The artist lives and works in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.